Stories to illustrate how Children for Health content gets to those who want it

All these stories have been based on discussions with potential partners who have explained to us how they wish to use the materials, methods and methods. All place and person names have been changed.

A bilateral donor using Children for Health messages and materials in a province-wide government programme

I am an officer working with the provincial government  and we are trying to reduce malnutrition of the under 5s. As part of our strategy we want to mobilise children in primary schools to help. Children for Health set out messages and activities we can use very clearly and they have some useful ideas for training and for making our teaching materials more relevant and focused on what children can DO as well as what children can LEARN!

We would like Children for Health to help us:


Children Grow Vegetables

  • Localise the 10 nutrition messages from Children for Health’s 100 project to create a series of messages that meet the needs of our communities
  • Develop our OWN sets of new health messages
  • Use and adapt some of the activity ideas from the Children for Health website
  • Make videos that can be loaded onto smart phones.
  • Manage and motivate teams of children in a way that keeps the programme going.
  • How to reach children who do not go to school with these messages.
  • How to use the radio to start discussions on the messages and issues
  • How to use mobile phones to get the key messages out to children and their families

An International Non Government Organization use Children for Health messages and materials to target a low income area in a capital city

We want to work with Children for Health on our HIV and AIDS messages for children and families. In partnership with a local mobile phone provider we want to develop HIV and AIDS messages for  teachers and parents of the children linked to the schools who choose to register for this service. We want the messages to be a framework for starting discussion with the children in year 6 and Year 7.  This campaign is able to run as an extension of an existing initiative that has been developed to educate families about HIV and AIDS counselling, testing and treatment services.

3. Individuals using Children for Health as a source of information and ideas in her family

Learning about health together

Learning about health together

Rosemary, from the Philippines, participated in an international workshop on Technology to Support Developing Countries which featured a case study on Children for Health’s 100 messages for children. She thinks these would interest her family and, in particular, friends who have children, so she texted them the link. They showed the messages to the children and were amazed at how the inspired and empowered the children felt on reading the messages.  They shared the messages with friends and talk about how they could take the actions. Rosemary’s Aunt Maria is a teacher and she has started to download some of Children for Health’s activities to use in her health education teaching.

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