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What ABCD means to Children for Health right now!

Adolescent Well Being

In January we were quiet on the blog. One of the reasons for this is that it has been a month of powerful thinking and consulting other thinkers. Strangely enough we spent last January (2017) in deep thought too! Maybe it’s our take on winter hibernation and next year we

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Our February Topic | Coughs, Colds & Pneumonia | What Can Children Do?

Our February topic is Coughs, Colds & Pneumonia, it is one of our 10 topics with 10 ‘coughs colds and pneumonia’ messages for children to learn and share. You can find more information about this topic by clicking here. Our 100 Health Messages for Children to Learn and Share are simple, reliable health

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The Rainbow Flower | Video series

In the Rainbow Flower video, our CEO and founder Clare Hanbury, explains the tool and how to use it. Please click the image or this link to watch the video. For more information on The Rainbow Flower and to download the tool, click here. Transcript The Rainbow Flower is one

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Everyone Counts | A Storybook for Children

Everyone Counts is a colourful, illustrated story book that tells the story of the need for sharing food fairly. ZaZa and ZuZu the scarlet macaws are angry that the men always eat first and do not remember to leave enough food for the children and for Mama. What can the

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Sex Education and Family Planning

Older child holding younger child

It’s essential to educate and involve children in sexuality and family planning. For one thing, the reality is that vast numbers of children are literally left ‘holding the baby’! The larger the family the more likely it is that children are providing a lot of the childcare. This can be

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4 Quizzes from Avert on HIV and AIDS

This month when we are focussing on HIV and AIDS we wanted to highlight the work of specialist organisation, AVERT. AVERT is a UK-based organisation that has been working at the forefront of HIV education for the past 30 years. Through their award-winning educational website, other digital channels, and partnerships

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What inspires Clare to do this work? | Video Series

If you’ve been following our Video Series, you know the Origins of Children for Health and the 100 Health Messages for Children to Learn & Share. Now find out what inspires Clare to continue to do this valuable work for Children for Health. Watch the video now by clicking the

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20 Myths about Male Condoms for Older Children

Condoms are by far the easiest way to have safer sex, but the use of male condoms is riddled with myths, false perceptions, and unfounded fears. Working with schools and teachers we asked them to share with us the most common myths and misconceptions they have heard. This UNFPA publication

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The Origins of Children for Health | Video Series

The Origins of Children for Health, a young girl with a baby on her back

In this short video, Clare Hanbury talks about the origins of Children for Health and why she founded it in 2013. Have a look at our other videos on our Children for Health YouTube Channel. Join the Children for Health Community and have access to FREE Health Education materials. We

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Children as Agents of Change in Nutrition Programmes

Nutrition is a huge subject for us. It’s one of our core 10 topics and, as with our other topics we have developed 10 nutrition messages linked to nutrition that we think of as the minimum requirement. We feel that all children should leave primary school understanding, knowing and being

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