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Safe, Strong and Smiling Poster 2018

With the dreadful news that there was an outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) we decided to act. To conclude our work in Sierra Leone in 2016, we developed a poster, Safe, Strong and Smiling, with the help of practitioners living in Freetown who were working with

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A Stone is a Strange Thing

In May 2015, we were given his wonderful story, A Stone Is A Strange Thing on the topic of Ebola, developed and donated to us by Anise Waljee, long time colleague and mentor and one of the Children for Health Founding Trustees. Anise developed the story alongside colleagues who knew

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Children for Health Pilot Project in Sierra Leone: Safe Strong and Smiling

It has been hard for us to imagine what it must be like to be living in Sierra Leone at the time of the Ebola epidemic. Its been even harder to imagine what it has been like for the children. What we have heard is that children are facing many

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Children’s Participation in the Ebola Response

As part of our Ebola response we were asked to help prepare a brief that summarises key considerations for involving children in the Ebola response in Sierra Leone and Liberia. The details have been collated from suggestions and insights shared by: Children for Health Other experts in children’s participation Jenny

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Ebola: Children Showing Love Without Touch

Children in families affected by Ebola might find that they are quickly sent away from loved ones who have the symptoms of Ebola. They may have to stand back and watch while people in protective clothing help their loved one. This is hard. Most of us want to be close

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Messages for Children to Learn and Share on Ebola

Many hundreds of thousands of children die each year because their parents and others lack basic health information and skills. Yet, many millions of children in developing countries are a fantastic resource to help their families and community stay healthy. Like children everywhere, they are competent and enthusiastic. They can

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Using role play to help children understand and cope with Ebola

Using role play is a powerful way to make sure that children are understanding the facts about Ebola. It is also a powerful way to get children to take dry ‘facts’ and weave them into a story that is close to situations they know and understand. Role plays are often

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Using the Opportunities Chart as a Discussion Tool with Children in Ebola Affected Communities

Method In groups of 5 children discuss reasons the problems that Ebola is causes in their families and communities. Give or draw out a chart that looks like this but do not write the examples… What problems is Ebola causing for children in our families and communities?  (Examples) How Serious

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