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100 Messages for FREE during Health Literacy Month

October is Health Literacy Month. This is a time for organisations and individuals to promote the importance of understandable health information. This annual, worldwide, awareness-raising event has been going strong ever since Helen Osborne founded it in 1999. Click here for more information. To help celebrate Health Literacy Month we

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A Lifeskills Handbook for Health Educators

In the month of August we are focusing on life skills education and its link to health education. If you are an educator or youth worker who is looking to do effective health education, you may also be interested in doing some life skills work with children and young people.

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Nutrition Month: Ideas for a School or Club based Nutrition Week

In one country where we are helping to strengthen a government nutrition education strategy in primary schools, the school likes to put on a Nutrition Day. This is part of an annual community education day. All the schools in one locality come together to show the community what they have

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Health Inequality: TB, Trauma and Technology

I was really interested to listen to this broadcast on the BBC Radio 4 this week… Health Inequality: TB, Trauma and Technology On Start the Week Andrew Marr explores killer diseases and the health of the world. Kathryn Lougheed focuses on one of the smartest killers humanity has ever faced

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June 2017 Newsletter

Dear All Since our last newsletter, the books we were creating for Save the Children in India and Nigeria have been completed and sent. You may remember that the focus of this programme is on what children can do to help implement the WHO 7-point plan at part of the

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Children for Health Reconnects with an Old Friend!

Children for Health has been contacted by an old friend! In 1999 our director, Clare Hanbury was working for The Child-to-Child Trust. She conducted a training workshop with teachers on ‘Children’s Participation in Nutrition‘ workshop in Machakos district in Kenya. Peter Kitela (below) was one of these teachers. As a

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Young Adolescents Preventing Coughs, Colds and Pneumonia

sa,, picture of a person coughing

At Children for Health we hope to support educators and programme planners with good content and fun activities that can help support young adolescents in their role as carers. Over decades we have seen adolescents becoming effective health activists. Children can learn how to avoid coughs or colds, stop them

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Our Toolbox of Resources on Children’s Participation

Our Children’s Participation Toolbox includes publications on health and life skills related resources by our Director, Clare Hanbury. We also include other good resources and others’ lists of resources useful to people working on children’s participation. We do have a very close look at everything that is in our Participation

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