Our November Topic | HIV & AIDS | What Children Can Do?

Our November topic is HIV & AIDS, it is one of our 10 topics with 10 ‘HIV & AIDS’ messages for children to learn and share. You can find more information about this topic by clicking here. Our 100 Health Messages for Children to Learn and Share are simple, reliable

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13 Facts and Myths about HIV and AIDS

We really like this piece, Facts and Myths on HIV & AIDS from The AIDS Foundation, South Africa although we’d like to see the FACTS stated in front of each one as careless reading might reinforce the myth! Thank you very much to the author (Mia Malan) who works for the

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Sex Education and Family Planning

Older child holding younger child

It’s essential to educate and involve children in sexuality and family planning. For one thing, the reality is that vast numbers of children are literally left ‘holding the baby’! The larger the family the more likely it is that children are providing a lot of the childcare. This can be

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4 Quizzes from Avert on HIV and AIDS

This month when we are focussing on HIV and AIDS we wanted to highlight the work of specialist organisation, AVERT. AVERT is a UK-based organisation that has been working at the forefront of HIV education for the past 30 years. Through their award-winning educational website, other digital channels, and partnerships

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Children Learning about HIV using a Child Centred Approach

In this post we have reproduced an article on, Children Learning about HIV using a Child Centred Approach – with the kind permission of its author, Professor Bosire Monari Mwebi. In it he presents some fascinating work on HIV/AIDS in which he has listened deeply to the views and experiences

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Ten Messages on HIV and AIDS to Learn and Share

In November, Children for Health focuses on the topic of HIV and AIDS and in particular on  what children aged 10-14 need to learn about HIV and AIDS. This group of children are in early adolescence and can be powerful influencers in their friendship groups and in their families. Of

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Fact Sheet – Our immune system and HIV

How our immune system works Our immune system works hard to keep our body clean on the inside and helps clear up any old, dead cells inside us. We keep our immune system strong by eating plenty of rainbow foods to make sure we include important nutrients including vitamin A,

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10 messages for Children on HIV and AIDS

December is the month when Children for Health has a focus on HIV and AIDS. Our main task this month was to create our 10 top messages. They need to be as ‘generic’ as possible and answer the question… If you were to teach 10 messages on HIV and AIDS

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