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Using the 10 Malaria Messages in Schools

I am the head teacher of Mbane local primary school. We have recently started a malaria control programme. This means that we teach the children in our school about the dangers of malaria, how it is spread and how to prevent it. We also teach them to detect the early

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We published our NEW Malaria poster today!

From the desk of Clare Hanbury… When I go around the world I often ask teachers and other educators what would help and support them best in their health education work. In particular, work where they are getting children on their feet; helping them to understand, take action and reflect

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A Malaria Campaign with Secondary School Students

This is the feedback we received from one Health Worker and Parent: I’m a parent and a health worker. I have a smart phone and I am able to download apps. I think the idea of Children for Health is a good one. Children in our community already help us

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Our April Topic | Malaria | What Children Can Do

Our April topic is Malaria, it is one of our 10 topics with 10 ‘preventing malaria’ messages for children to learn and share. You can find more information about this topic by clicking here. Our 100 Health Messages for Children to Learn and Share are simple, reliable health education messages

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World Malaria Day 2017 | What Can Children Do?

At Children for Health we know that children can play an important role in preventing malaria. For World Malaria Day 2017, with the help of experts, we have created 10 key messages for children to learn and share with others on malaria. We think that these 10 topics are easy

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April is Malaria Month – Bite and Buzz!

Have you seen these hilarious animations?! April is malaria month, these bite and buzz videos are a fantastic way to communicate Malaria messages to the YouTube generation!! Internet communication is a hugely important part of our mission at Children for Health. These videos are translated into 30 different languages and show how

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April is Malaria Month – Myth Busting!

Have you seen this great cartoon busting myths about MOSQUITO NETS!? Is the insecticide dangerous? Can they harm pregnant women? Can they make you impotent? Do nets choke the elderly? Watch this great cartoon to find out the answers… (HINT – the answer to all of these is NO!) Children

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April is Malaria Month – Meeting Rita

This April we are thinking about Malaria! We have some fantastic messages, ideas and resources on our website, so have a browse. Click here to view one of our favourites – a great children’s book about Rita Mosquito. Whether you are a parent, teacher, youth worker or just curious, this book is

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Children’s Participation in Malaria Prevention

Just in! Results from a Cluster Randomized Control Trial in Sikasso Region, Mali. The findings of this study are very relevant both for malaria control and educational goals in Mali: They highlight the high prevalence of mostly asymptomatic malaria amongst school age children (80%) who constitute nearly a third of

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Documentary Films

This 8.34 minute video from the Malaria Consortium shows a family getting insecticide treated malaria nets, using them correctly and being reminded to mend the nets if they find any holes or tears. After 18 months, none of the children in the family have been sick with malaria because the

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