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A Malaria Campaign with Secondary School Students

This is the feedback we received from one Health Worker and Parent: I’m a parent and a health worker. I have a smart phone and I am able to download apps. I think the idea of Children for Health is a good one. Children in our community already help us

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Creating Mobile Health Solutions For Behaviour Change

As many of you know, Clare Hanbury set-up Children for Health in recognition of the huge potential to get health information to children and their families using the mobile phone. We are slowly getting there and the Internet in A Box South Asia project that launched recently feels like a

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Harnessing adolescent values to motivate healthier eating

We were made aware of such an interesting article this month! It fits in well with the work we have been exploring with Sarah Newton on ‘what drives’ adolescent behaviour change and development. Sarah has reminded us that when we want to influence, change or develop adolescent behaviour we need

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Developing our Malaria Poster

Our Malaria Poster is nearly finalised, we are so proud of the work that has gone into it. This is our first topic poster and it is only suitable that we present Malaria in April as it is our topic of the month! This endeavour started 18 months ago and has

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Launch of Internet in a Box South Asia

OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE from the Mother and Child Health and Education Trust (MCHET)! 10th April 2018  Healthcare information is the essential starting point for people seeking to care for themselves and their families and access to it is particularly important in low-resource settings where there is no, or inadequate, contact

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The 100 Messages for Children to Learn & Share and the Internet in a Box

We are super excited to be involved in the Internet In A Box South Asia. It launches TODAY! (10th April 2018) What’s all this about? The Mother and Child Health and Education Trust and the Wiki Project Med Foundation have launched  an off-line distribution system for medical & health content in a

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What ABCD means to Children for Health right now!

Adolescent Well Being

In January we were quiet on the blog. One of the reasons for this is that it has been a month of powerful thinking and consulting other thinkers. Strangely enough we spent last January (2017) in deep thought too! Maybe it’s our take on winter hibernation and next year we

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Back To Basics | The 100 Messages for Children to Learn and Share

Clare Hanbury founded Children for Health with one simple task in mind: to co-create 100 health messages for children to learn and share… and then to work with people to find every way to distribute these messages using mobile and digital means. This photo reminds us WHY this is a

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Diarrhoea Prevention and Control | Great News From Lagos!

We have just heard the following from Save the Children Colleagues in Lagos, Nigeria:- “Two manuals: The Teaching Guide and Activity for Children Handbook, developed for children participation in diarrhoea prevention and control has been endorsed (verbally) by Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board for children health clubs in public primary schools across

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Training and Strengthening: The T-Shaped Teacher

Behind every high-quality programme in which the children are participating and really feeling empowered is what we call a ‘T-shaped teacher’! When we are training teachers or trainers, we tell them that we are developing a T-shaped person. The vertical axis, represents the skills that the teacher of trainer needs to

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