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Children for Health in Cambodia

From the desk of Clare Hanbury… In December 2018, I was asked to go to Kampong Cham in Cambodia to help with Save the Children’s Adolescent Nutrition programme and to conduct a four-day workshop training for Save the Children staff, frontline workers and local government officials. One of the aims

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Our Nutrition Poster is Published!

Download our Nutrition poster for FREE now! Testimonials The short, action-oriented messages in this educational poster are valuable to promoting continual, visible communication on nutrition. These family- and community-based essential actions for good nutrition show that malnutrition must be addressed by many stakeholders. Carol Browne, Health and Nutrition Communication Consultant,

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Our July Topic | Nutrition | What Can Children Do?

Our July topic is Nutrition, it is one of our 10 topics with 10 ‘nutrition’ messages for children to learn and share. You can find more information about this topic by clicking here. Our 100 Health Messages for Children to Learn and Share are simple, reliable health education messages aimed

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Our Nutrition Poster and a UNICEF Nutrition Booklet

Over the last four weeks we have been revising our Nutrition messages and developing our nutrition poster. We expect to publish this mid-July; after our amazing and diverse team has come back with their thoughts and we finish the revisions. We will take the time to ensure we develop the

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Bridging the Gap: Engaging with Adolescents

Study on Adolescent Nutrition

This is a FANTASTIC study – well worth downloading and reading. A fuller review will come in July during our Nutrition Month. Bridging the Gap: Engaging Adolescents for Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Development May 2018. WFP and Anthrologica Extract from the Forward When we first discussed the idea for this research

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Everyone Counts | A Storybook for Children

Everyone Counts is a colourful, illustrated story book that tells the story of the need for sharing food fairly. ZaZa and ZuZu the scarlet macaws are angry that the men always eat first and do not remember to leave enough food for the children and for Mama. What can the

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Children as Agents of Change in Nutrition Programmes

Nutrition is a huge subject for us. It’s one of our core 10 topics and, as with our other topics we have developed 10 nutrition messages linked to nutrition that we think of as the minimum requirement. We feel that all children should leave primary school understanding, knowing and being

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Nutrition Month and 10 Nutrition Messages

July is Children for Health’s Nutrition month! Here are our 10 messages on Nutrition for children to learn and share: Food that makes us GO plus food that makes us GROW, plus food that makes us GLOW is GOOD food that makes the body strong! Malnutrition happens if we eat

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Young Adolescents and their Role as Carers

Young adolescents (aged 10 to 14 years) have a very important role in the lives and the health of their younger brothers and sisters; as their carers. We have seen all over the world, children of this age carrying the baby on their back, feeding the baby, playing with the

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Evidence Re: Children’s Participation in Health & Development?

Older child holding younger child

About our Rapid Shift Over the past 30 years there has been increased research and literature documenting the benefits and best practice in the field of child and youth participation. There has also been increased recognition in the children’s ability to act as agents of change. By agents of change

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