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Children for Health Consults Children on Nutrition

Between November 3rd and 13th 2013, Clare Hanbury, Director of Children for Health and a fellow consultant, Nuzzly Ruiz de Forsberg were tasked to support a participatory action planning process for a Child Participation in Nutrition Pilot Programme in the Province of Tete to begin in 2014. As part of

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Children for Health’s Nutrition Messages

Children for Health has developed its top 10 Nutrition Messages for children to learn, collect and share. Here they are and please tell us what you think! Food that provides energy to GO and do things, help us GROW and makes us GLOW with health is GOOD food! Malnutrition happens

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Save The Children: The School Health and Nutrition Health Education Manual

We expect that this manual will be of use and interest to many in our Children for Health community. We have included many extracts from the manual in our topic activities sections under the heading’ lesson plans’. We will always be interested to know how people are using the activities

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Children and their diet

Messages about the need for a healthy diet are everywhere yet still it’s hard, WHY? I would argue that the messages and strategies to promote a healthy diet, however great are piecemeal and that if we can work WITH children and figure out a plan to deliver the complete package,

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Children Taking Action on Nutrition

Martha Payne’s blog on school dinners, nutrition and linking up with children in Malawi.  

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Origins of Children for Health

News coming from the Congo, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and many other troubled places in the world steels our determination to advocate the part children and young people have to play in preventing and resolving health and social justice issues that affect them. 30 years ago and as a contribution to The

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