90% of your donation will be spent on the work that has a direct impact on the lives of children in developing countries. HOWEVER we know that our friends want to support a charity that is well run and this means doing our admin efficiently too – like book-keeping, filing accounts, working with our Trustees and setting up good systems. We also have to invest in developing and sustaining relationships with donors and partners – and there are costs involved in this too. We are proud to estimate that no more than 10% of your donation is spent on administration and on developing new relationships, proposals and programmes. Some specific ways in which we wish to spend 90% of your donation is as follows:
  • 90p out of £1.00 covers the cost of 10 health messages to be sent to 10 teachers.
  • £9.00 out of £10.00 covers the cost of finding, editing and uploading a health activity for educators onto the website.
  • £90 out of £100 covers the cost of two of our outstanding black and white cartoons to be created.
  • £900 out of £1,000 covers the cost to research, create, edit, upload ONE of our key health messages and promote it on the social media, through a mobile distribution network and through one of our field partners based in Africa or South Asia. Choose your favourite and contact us to find out how you can help us promote YOUR message over the course of 12 months. Your name or brand will always be associated with this message.
  • £9,000 out of £10,000 covers the costs to research, create, curate and upload the best multi-media health content the world can offer young people and their educators on ONE health topic for 12 months. With your group of friends or your work team, choose a topic that appeals the most and contact us to find out how the team can work with us to promote YOUR topic globally over a year. Your name or brand will always be associated with our campaign on this topic.
  • £18,000 out of £20,000 covers the cost of making 4 short videos (in one country) that feature children learning, sharing and having fun with other children as they promote health. There are so many films made ABOUT children but these will be films made WITH children who make a difference every day to the children in their care. Films are expensive to create but can make a massive impact. We work with partners who will help us distribute our video content to millions of families in a number of different formats and on a mobile phone.
Thank you again for your support and helping us to grow!