100 Messages

Many hundreds of thousands of children die each year because their parents and others lack basic health information and skills. Children in developing countries are a fantastic resource. Like children everywhere, they are competent and enthusiastic. They can learn, collect and share basic health ideas and skills to keep healthy themselves, and to help others.

“At Children for Health it is our dream that, before children leave primary school, every child will have learnt and shared 100 important health messages.”

Clare Hanbury, CEO

The Children for Health Collection is for educators, parents and others who live or work with children. It is a hub containing reliable health education messages and activities to inspire children from eight years old. At the moment our Collection covers 10 health topics and we aim to be adding many more. We are also collecting news about what children are doing and further sources of knowledge on each topic. We are uploading content all the time. The first version of our Collection is just the beginning, the starting point and it will evolve as people use and contribute ideas and experiences.

The Children for Health 100 = 10 health messages for children to learn and share in 10 health topics. Each one is designed for 8-13 year olds. Each message has an extra page of information about the message and how to get children mobilised to learn more and share ideas!

Alongside each topic, we collected free health education materials for those ‘Children’s Champions’ working to mobilise children as activists and messengers of good health. These might be teachers, youth workers, faith leaders and others.

The messages and activities provide Children’s Champions with a short cut to highly reliable health education content and activities that can be used in the classroom and in clubs.