The Tricycle Method is a three part method to engage and excite children about health. The three parts are like the three ‘wheels’

Children for Health's Tricycle!

Children for Health’s Tricycle!

  1. An Understanding Wheel
  2. An Action Wheel and
  3. A Reflection Wheel

Our experience suggests that good learning and teaching about health involves each of these wheels turning. Like a tricycle – it will not work well if one of these wheels is broken or missing!

Most health education happens when an expert (teacher or health worker) ‘tells’ a group of children (or adults) what to do or what not to do to improve their health. For example,

Don’t Smoke!

Brush Your Teeth!

Eat a Balanced Diet!

Sometimes children might be given ‘homework’ and then ‘tests’.

But is Telling, Homework and giving Tests really about Understanding, Taking Action and Reflection? We say NO!

The Children for Health Method requires working with children differently. Its about getting the children actively involved in understanding things well and this includes finding out how the health topic relates to their daily lives. Then its about getting the children involved in designing and taking action based on their OWN ideas. Finally, the children reflect on the success of their own actions and plan how to do it better next time.

We have a 48 page Handbook on our Tricycle Method. The handbook provides guidance to those working directly with children. It aims to show you how to excite and inspire children and get going with your own participatory  projects.

Please contact Children for Health for a copy of this FREE Handbook. We will want a few details on how you plan to use it and an email address so we can contact you to understand how it has helped you.