As a Cambridge charity, we are expanding our partnerships with other Cambridge companies and organisations!

Children for Health creates healthier and more empowered communities across the world. Our radical re-imagining of health and life-skills education is proven to improve health outcomes. Especially in places where preventable diseases still cause too many early deaths. We have created an innovative health-messages programme, “The 100”, giving children and adolescents the information and inspiration they need to become agents of change in their families and communities.

Notably, we run the charity from one room in a house in Cambridge, so have very few overheads. Your support would make a huge difference to our operations. We could develop new materials and reach many hundreds of thousands of children through our various collaborations.


  1. Adolescent Well-Being and Resilience
    To co-create visual resources, storybooks and games with children and educators. Our emphasis will be on messages, activities and tools to boost adolescent well being and resilience.
  2. Online Training School
    To co-create a digital course with practitioners wanting to develop their skills in promoting adolescent health and empowerment – to be accessed via mobile phones. The course will focus on our unique approach and use lessons learned from our work in Nigeria, India and Mozambique. We are already working with local film and video professionals to develop the materials.
  3. Innovative Approaches to Learning and Memory
    To set up a programme in Kenya to test the Memory Palace approach for learning the 100 health messages with literate and non-literate children aged 10–14, in a joint venture with the pioneering Cambridge-based language and memory enterprise Linguisticator.
  4. Children for Health Storybooks and Posters
    We aim to develop and complete our collection of 10 story books and 10 topic posters.

FundingFour children standing together. One child, aged about 5 is carrying a toddler on their back. The other two are standing in embrace.

Children for Health offers Cambridge-based companies and institutions a perfect way to support a local enterprise which has global impact. Helping us to make the world a healthier place. We are driving change towards a world where children are empowered to make a real difference; to their own health, their family’s health and the community overall. As our mission statement says, ‘Sharing Knowledge, Saving Lives’.

If you would like to find out more, investigate partnerships or help fund our work, please contact our CEO Clare Hanbury on

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