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Fundraising for Stories for Health

We co-create storybooks with groups of teachers and children. We seek to develop a storybook for each of our 10 topics and include the 100 messages. It costs £5K to develop each book. We also like to use professional children’s writers and illustrators whose work we know and trust. It takes 6-12 months to develop a book in this way.

If there is a topic that is close to your heart or if you just LOVE the idea of getting involved in funding or fundraising for a storybook then please let us know. We are confident that each of our books reach thousands of children and even more when they are translated.

These storybooks are to be used by children and their teachers in resource-poor settings. The final book is published in English and the language used by the local partner.  The books are distributed from our website and through Worldreader – a digital library that reaches thousands of children each week.

Current download statistics, detailed budget and plan is available on request or e-mail