Malaria 2022 Calendar

Malaria 2022 CalendarPeace Corps in Ghana commissioned this calendar and had this to say, “The malaria calendar is intended to serve as a Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) tool. To achieve the expected impact and to promote the sustained use of

Malaria Poster

Malaria PosterThe Children for Health Malaria poster is a wonderful resource to use as an educator or trainer working with children and young adolescents. The poster illustrates the 10 messages children can learn and share about preventing malaria and help

Zzippi drinks blood

Zzippi drinks bloodZZippi the mosquito and all her friends are thwarted! A short appealing story with pictures for second stage readers about how malaria is spread and how children and communities can stop it. Our books have clean clear layouts

100 Messages for Children to Learn and Share

100 Messages for Children to Learn and ShareThis is the Children for Health, ‘signature poster’. It is two-sided and available to download. Please note, we do not sell hard copies.  The front shows the 10 topics that is the Children

The 100 Messages Booklet

The 100 Messages BookletThis digital booklet contains the Children for Health 100 messages for children to learn and share, sorted into the ten topics in a colourful easy-to-use, easy-to-print format. We do not sell hard copies. Download Now!