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We discovered The Friendship Bench from Zimbabwe recently and we LOVE it. We’ve been thinking on mental health, resilience and well-being for some time (and even having it has our topic of the month in December 2020) and this fits in perfectly. The mission of the Friendship Bench is to

Instead of telling children how to solve a problem we ought to give them opportunities to think through the problem themselves and even show them that were willing to consider their advice. – Adam Grant From the desk of Clare Hanbury… My work at Children for Health is based on

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Clare Hanbury I want people to ‘BE happy’. I want people to ‘HAVE well-being.’ I’m sure you do too! I am a health educator and I love finding practical ways in which children themselves can develop their skills to help protect and promote all aspects of their ‘health’. I have

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A note of introduction In recent months, I (Clare) have been very pleased to be working with Sarah Newton, a close associate, on a new approach for adolescent behaviour development. We think this approach will help those who are wanting to empower and engage children and young people in order

In January we were quiet on the blog. One of the reasons for this is that it has been a month of powerful thinking and consulting other thinkers. Strangely enough we spent last January (2017) in deep thought too! Maybe it’s our take on winter hibernation and next year we

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This year, we have started getting enquiries from programmes wanting to introduce or strengthen the elements of well-being, building resilience and ‘mental health’… and they wondered what we are doing in this regard. Perhaps the closest we have got to this in recent years is the lifeskills programme we developed for Sierra

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Since we started five years ago, our main focus has been solving problems linked to the physical health of children in the global south – for and with children aged 10-14. To this end we have developed resources and supported the implementation of a programmes in Mozambique, Nigeria and India. We

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Since 2013, StrongMinds has been focused on creating a model that is effective in treating depression and easy to scale to reach the most women with depression in Africa. This drive has led to the creation of a model of intervention that is uniquely StrongMinds. Using Group Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT-G)