Bibiche Mwalutshie Sangwa | Children for Health Outstanding Partner 2015

Bibiche Sangwa is a language teacher, trainer and development consultant. She has taught English & French for more than 15 years in DRCongo and Mozambique. From 2011 to 2015 she worked as an adviser to the Danish Embassy in Mozambique working specifically on the Multi-Sectoral Plan for Reducing Chronic Malnutrition. For much of this time, Bibiche was broadly involved in planning, implementing, monitoring and institutional capacity building. Bibiche has also played a key role in coordinating and supporting the PCCAN programme – part of the Education sector’s strategy.

Bibiche has known Clare Hanbury, the CEO of Children for Health since November 2011 and has worked with Children for Health to study, test, analyse and evaluate the capacity and influence of children capacity as nutrition activists. Bibiche has worked as an interpreter and lead trainer and programme designer. Bibiche has helped to navigate the production of a suite of pedagogical resources for PCAAN. These form the backbone of the programme as it scales to other districts in Mozambique. Bibiche and one of the teachers involved in the programme, Lourenco Govate were the winners of the inaugural Children for Health Outstanding Partners prize 2015.

Children for Health has established this award to honour the memory of our two great mentors, Professor Hugh Hawes and Professor David Morley who valued collaboration and partnership so highly.
Our award goes to an individual or individual(s) whose work with us throughout the year has:
  • Contributed to making Children for Health a stronger, better and an (even) happier organisation!
  • Gone out of their way to critique and deepen our growth in a positive and helpful way; and
  • Been pro-active in expanding our network in ways that have measurable impact.

Clare and Bibiche Fonte Boa Mozambique