March is Immunisation Month – Defeating the Disease Committee!

Look at this story about Mr Polio in the Killers’ Committee. Mr Polio, Mr TB, Mr Measles and the rest of the Disease Committee are FURIOUS because the children in the village are FIGHTING BACK by getting their younger brothers and sisters IMMUNISED. Read the story here. It was written by an inspiring teacher and her class in Kampala, Uganda. Teachers can:
  • Read this story with their class.
  • Turn it into a role play.
  • Use it to inspire their class to write their OWN immunisation story.
It also includes this immunisation Birthday card which older children can give to their baby brothers and sisters to remind parents when baby is due for immunisations: Untitled If you are working with children… send us pictures of your Birthday Cards on Facebook or Twitter!  If you don’t work with groups of children but know people who do, please help us get the message out by sharing this website and this post with your friends.