NEW! FREE! Eye Health & Vision Resource Book for Educators

Eye Health and Vision Resource Book

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We are absolutely delighted to be launching our Eye Health and Vision Resource Book. This 75-page handbook includes Topics and Activity Sessions to conduct with children aged 10-14. These are organised around twenty key messages.

Some sessions include A Good Question for children to ask each other and/or their families after the session. Each session has 1-3 messages for the children to memorise and practice between sessions. Some sessions have an additional activity that allows the content of this session to ‘come alive’ outside the classroom.

The idea is to adapt activities so that they are a good fit for the ages and stages of the children and where they live, go to school and work. Each session is designed to take around 40 minutes, but you can adapt it to fit the time your group has. The pace depends on the age, stage and experience of the children. Reorganise the sessions depending on events, needs or as the curriculum demands. For example, if you have an Eye Screening event, you may want to use the topic on Eye Testing.

Games can be used in longer sessions or as part of a club session when there is more time. If there is a specific behaviour that the programme seeks to change or develop, then considerusing the Children’s Ideas Chart or conduct a workshop. For example, you may want toinvestigate why some children do not wish to wear their spectacles. In Section Three we set out how you can run a workshop with children to find out why some children may not want to wear spectacles and prepare action plans. You will need to adapt the activities to suit your context.

Here is the Table of Contents

Section One

  1. Eye Health and Vision – Twenty Messages
  2. Planning the Eye Health and Vision Programme
  3. Eye Health and Vision Children’s Ideas Chart
  4. Eye Health and Vision Memory Line
  5. Passing on Eye Health and Vision Messages
  6. Eye Health and Vision Campaign Days

Section Two: Eye Health and Vision Activity Sessions

  1. Topic One | How to Keep Eyes Healthy
  2. Topic Two | Understanding Our Eyes
  3. Topic Three | Eye Health Personnel
  4. Topic Four | Signs of Vision Problems in School Age Children
  5. Topic Five | Signs of Vision Problems in Young Children
  6. Topic Six | Have an eye Health Check
  7. Topic Seven | Improving Vision
  8. Topic Eight | Supporting Children with Vision Problems
  9. Topic Nine | Seek Help for Eye Injuries
  10. Topic Ten | Eye Infections

Section Three

  1. Three Scripts on Eye Health and Vision
  2. Making Action Plans With Children To Promote Spectacle Compliance
  3. Tools, Games and Teaching Methods

Section Four

  1. Reference Section for Educators on Eye Health
  2. The E Chart
  3. Eye Health and Vision 10 Messages Poster Front and Back
  4. The SAFE Poster

Eye Health and Vision Poster

We also have our Eye Health and Vision Poster. Twenty eye health and vision messages are set out on the back of the poster with ideas for activities that children can do to learn and share the messages to their friends. The ‘top ten’ messages are shown on the front. The images on the poster show different things children can do to promote good eye health and vision.

What children can do

Perhaps the most import thing that children can do is help to support other children who need to wear their spectacles in order to get the most out of each day. Very often it is the attitudes of friends and even family that lead to children choosing not to wear their spectacles. Educators can do small things to create enabling and supportive ‘eye aware’ classrooms and this will go some way to promote health and support children.

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