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Shooting StarsShooting Stars is a story about girls supporting each other to participate in sports. The book was co-created with Worldreader partners in Ghana and Kenya. The book features characters from other Children for Health storybooks. A group of girls overcome their feelings of shame for wanting to play volleyball.

Unlocked!Unlocked! is a story about a group of friends whose lives are affected by a global pandemic. When they are asked to go into ‘lockdown’ their greatest problem is the boredom, sadness and worry they feel for themselves, their families and their friends. Through a magical adventure, the children learn

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Children’s Participation Diarrhoea Prevention and ControlDownload Now!

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The Four Friends Build a SchoolEsme wants to grow up to be a doctor, but how can she when there is no secondary school nearby? When she and her friends hear that a new secondary school is going to be built nearby, the children are excited. What will the new