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We are very excited to share some brilliant education resources from the Pratham Education Foundation. They offer an Open School with games, stories and videos in 12 languages. They’re doing some great work on COVID-19, including this great playlist on YouTube and this video: In June, our Topic of the

Download our Nutrition poster for FREE now! Testimonials The short, action-oriented messages in this educational poster are valuable to promoting continual, visible communication on nutrition. These family- and community-based essential actions for good nutrition show that malnutrition must be addressed by many stakeholders. Carol Browne, Health and Nutrition Communication Consultant,

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Several times each month we are contacted by individuals and organisations interested in children’s participation in health programming and who wish to work with us. Many of these hope that we have the funding to work with their school, their clinic or their programme. But we do not! In this

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The Rainbow Flower is a training tool that can be used in workshops that focus on children’s participation in health education. The Rainbow Flower contains seven concepts that distinguishes a participatory model from a ‘traditional health education model’. It is specially designed to be used with children (defined here as

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At Children for Health we believe that basic life skills are essential for effective health education. We want children to be effective agents of change, so they’ll need to feel empowered with a strong sense of self. A life skills session that works on this and provides children with opportunities

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In the month of August we are focusing on life skills education and its link to health education. If you are an educator or youth worker who is looking to do effective health education, you may also be interested in doing some life skills work with children and young people.

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At the start of 2017, our team has taken some time to reflect on the bigger picture – how our objectives align with global movements and initiatives of different kinds and how best a small group like ours can have the impact we aspire to. We have been especially interested

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Our Children’s Participation Toolbox includes publications on health and life skills related resources by our Director, Clare Hanbury. We also include other good resources and others’ lists of resources useful to people working on children’s participation. We do have a very close look at everything that is in our Participation

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Our Toolbox includes publications by our Director, Clare Hanbury, other resources and others’ lists of  resources. At the bottom of the list and here, there is a link to a list of references that relate to children’s participation. Please let us know what you think of the toolbox and let us

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